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Nitrox Diving Using Dive Computers by Steven M. Barsky

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  Nitrox has become the breathing mixture of choice in the recreational, research and professional diving world because of the increased bottom time and additional safety associated with its use. Your ability to fill Nitrox can make the difference in where people decide to shop for their dive related services and products. This is our big selling NITROX log as a bound log book (if you are looking for the loose leaf refill version, please click here)!. Designed for scuba divers who own a dive computer and who want to efficiently log their NITROX dives. Because you already have a computer you can write less in the profile section of the log and so get more space for comments. A key facet in nitrox dive planning is to optimize the oxygen level by displacing as much nitrogen as possible while remaining within the oxygen exposure limits (NOAA Diving Manual, 4th edition, pp. ). For further review of nitrox diving, please refer to Chapter 15 of the NOAA Diving Manual, 4th edition. Divers have been diving with Nitrox for the last 25 year, but there’s still a lot about diving with Nitrox that people don’t understand. Many people think that diving with Nitrox lets you dive deeper than with regular compressed air, but this is just one of many misconceptions regarding diving with nitrox.

Nitrox Books. Quick view. BEST-SELLER, THE GREEN LOOPER SNARE. US$ US$ + Our best-selling Lobster Snare! + Just put it around the lobsters tail and pull back + Locking mechanism. Tell a friend. Best Price Guarantee. Save wishlist. Add to . The pros and cons of nitrox diving have already been touched upon in this article, (5 easy ways to find a dive buddy) Con #5 of using Enriched Air Nitrox. Check this before you book your liveaboard or resort trip. Con #6 of using Enriched Air Nitrox.   2. The Deep South, Egypt. An off-the-beaten path alternative to the northern section of the Red Sea, Egypt’s St. Johns, Daedalus, Brothers, Fury Shoals and Elphinstone are epic diving the whole, these shark-filled sites are suitable for advanced divers and only reachable by liveaboard. Many operators require a minimum of 30 dives logged for liveaboard patrons, and . It has a large, easy to read color LCD screen with high resolution graphics. This diving computer is compatible with closed and open circuit systems and can monitor up to 3 cells. It can be used for air, nitrox, trimix, and heliox and is programmable for up to 10 gases. It has a large, easy to read color LCD screen with high resolution graphics.

The use of Enriched Air Nitrox allows divers to maximize dive time safely. The course can be purchased prior to coming on vacation or at the Dive Provo shop for only $ USD. You can choose to take this short course in 2 ways: either online prior to arrival, or using . Nitrox diving, like any advanced form of scuba diving, comes with risks and deciding if nitrox is the right air mixture for you, remember that it’s likely unnecessary for short or shallow dives. The best time to choose nitrox is in the to foot range. Otherwise, it’s a personal preference! The nitrox dive computers Ratio iX3M [Pro] Deep is dedicated for diving Air and Nitrox It is compatible with the brand new 3x led color wireless pressure transmitter from Ratio The integrated algorithm of the multi-gas dive computer Ratio IX3M [Pro] Deep is a combination of Buhlmann ZHLB and VPM-B (Varying Permeability Model).   What is Nitrox? Nitrox is a gas that is generally used for recreational diving. The gas is simply a mixture of oxygen and nitrogen, which in recreational diving terms, is sometimes referred to as ‘enriched air nitrox (EAN)’. The oxygen concentration in the air is normally around 21%, however the oxygen concentration in nitrox is higher.

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Get the book work done from home. This Nitrox scuba course is designed to teach you the Physics and Physiology of Nitrox Scuba Diving. Only $ complete!. Includes 4 modules, final exam, and Nitrox Scuba Certification Card. Nitrox has gained wide acceptance in the recreational scuba diving community over the past few decades.

While it is widely used by the military as well as technical, commercial and scientific divers, the techniques, procedures, and tables have been refined to the point that with training, nitrox diving can be safe and enjoyable for the recreational open-circuit scuba diver.3/5(7).

Nitrox diving has become very popular among scuba divers—so much that you can almost always spot green and yellow tanks of nitrox or oxygen-enriched air in dive shops and dive boats all around the confused for jargon related to technical diving, it has been widely used in recreational diving for over 25 years.

PADI Online Enriched Air Diver Course Scuba Diving eLearning Nitrox Certification On Line Classroom Dive Books More Buying Choices $ (7 used & new offers) PADI Adventures in Diving Book and Slate. out of 5 stars $ $ FREE Shipping. Padi Adventure Log 25 Refill Log Pages 50 Dives Kindle Direct Publishing Indie.

In recreational diving terms, enriched air nitrox (EAN) refers to any nitrogen/oxygen gas mixture with an oxygen concentration higher than the 21 percent found in normal air percent oxygen is the most common--and tanks filled with EAN are often clearly marked with a nitrox tank band and have Easy Nitrox Diving book mix percentage written somewhere near the.

Scuba diving with enriched air nitrox gives you more no decompression time, especially on repetitive scuba dives. Description Enriched Air, also known as “nitrox”, is a form of breathing gas that allows divers to extend bottom time and reduce nitrogen loading.

Nitrox refers to any gas mixture composed (excepting trace gases) of nitrogen and includes atmospheric air, which is approximately 78% nitrogen, 21% oxygen, and 1% other gases, primarily argon.

In the usual application, underwater diving, nitrox is normally distinguished from air and handled differently. The most common use of nitrox mixtures containing oxygen in higher proportions.

There are many benefits to using nitrox while scuba diving, as well as risks and considerations for nitrox is a term that describes a gas that's a combination of nitrogen and oxygen—specifically, with an oxygen content higher than 21%—and may be referred to as Enriched Air Nitrox.

To find out more about nitrox, what it is and what the advantages are of diving with nitrox, please have a read of this article: What are the advantages of nitrox diving (Pros and cons of nitrox diving) But in order to find out how deep can you dive with nitrox, please have a look at the nitrox comparison table below.

I thought this was the best way to answer this question. I have edited this post and is now a direct copy of the GUE's book The Fundamentals of Technical Diving.

If you are new to Nitrox or thinking about it send me an email and I will recommend some great books on the subject.

Enjoy. English Chemist, Joseph Priestly discovers Oxygen. And, as with all SDI programs, you’ll learn to dive Nitrox the modern way, using Nitrox-programmable dive computers instead of arcane formulas and complicated tables.

When you are done with the self-study portion of the course, you will meet with your SDI instructor to review your final exam (academic review) and to take part in a brief. is book is designed to be used as part of a complete Nitrox Th Diver course conducted by a qualified NASE instructor. It covers the use of Nitrox mixtures containing concentrations of oxygen up to and including 40 percent.

Do not attempt to use Nitrox without the benefit of this instructor-supervised train. The SDI Easy Nitrox Manual is the text-book literary assistant to the SDI Easy Nitrox (Computer Nitrox) certification course.

By signing up for this course, the perspective student can extend their diving experience by enjoying longer bottom times than th.

Diving with Nitrox requires that you do the PADI specialty course first. In this course you are learning all about the theory of diving with Nitrox. For example: how to manage oxygen exposure, dive limits on Nitrox and what specific diving equipment you should consider.

You can do this course only for theory, the dives are not mandatory so you. Difficulty Easy. Max depth 12 m. View View more Book from ,00 View more Book from ,00€ Enriched Air Nitrox Course Increase your diving times and safety using Nitrox. The SSI Enriched Air Nitrox program teaches you how to safely plan and dive with enriched air mixtures of up to 40% o Duration Day/s.

Whether you’re repetitive diving on a tropical dive holiday or want to safely spend a few extra minutes on your favorite cold-water wreck, nitrox can pay dividends. With the correct knowledge and training, nitrox diving is a huge benefit and we recommend it to all.

Course including Easy Nitrox Diving Manual $ Course including Easy Nitrox CD-Rom $ Course Duration: Easy to complete in three steps • Read manual • Complete knowledge reviews • One hour practical application * You must own a Nitrox compatible Dive computer to do this course.

There are many options available: in console style or. Avid divers all over the world rely on Nitrox to get the most from their recreational diving. Learning is easy. A quick Discover Nitrox class plus one dive and that’s it. Dive Nitrox with our trained professionals for remainder of your trip or complete the full certification in just one more day.

All Nitrox classes include Nitrox. Shelby Oaks Dr. Memphis, TN Phone: () Located Inside JW Fitness. We should properly call the nitrox we use while diving “enriched-air” nitrox.

It refers to any blend of nitrogen and oxygen in which the oxygen concentration is greater than that of normal air. This means an oxygen level of 22 percent or higher, although the most common enriched-air nitrox.

SDI Computer Nitrox. Nitrox is a breathing gas that has a lot of benefits for both new and experienced divers. This course will cover the use of nitrox mixtures from 22 to 40 percent oxygen.

Read this guide of Nitrox for beginners to learn the answers to all of these questions about diving with Nitrox. Breaking down the basics in Nitrox for beginners Standard air on Earth contains 21% oxygen and, in order to simplify, assume that the remaining 79% is Nitrogen (there is a small percentage of other gases in the mixture).

Nitrox Diving Air Nitrox Enriched Air (Nitrox) is becoming a more and more popular diving discipline as divers begin to realize the benefits of extended bottom times allowing them to stay even longer on Curacao’s amazing reefs and wreck dives such as the Superior Producer and Car Pile.

Because scuba diving with enriched air nitrox gives you no more decompression time, which is especially useful on receptive scuba dives. If staying down longer and getting back in the water sooner sounds appealing, then don’t hesitate to take this mixed air diving. The cost of Nitrox fills is generally about the amount of air fills.

There is a difference of opinion concerning whether actual dives should be made with Nitrox before a diver becomes certified to use Nitrox.

Some certifying agencies require book and classroom work only, and others also require that Nitrox dives be made. Even if you’ve never heard of nitrox diving, you certainly soon will. Industry estimates are that from torecreational divers engaged in 30, nitrox dives.

And the numbers are growing. As altering the diver’s breathing mixture involves serious practical and legal questions, nitrox diving is becoming a hotly debated topic.

Reading Time: 5 minutes Before taking PADI’s Enriched Air Diver course I was under the assumption that Nitrox wasn’t for me. I wasn’t all that interested in deep diving (the only dives that I thought Nitrox was good for) and I didn’t think that I would be able to grasp the dive theory (I thought it was way more complicated than it really was).

ProNRC Nitrox Workbook KIT consisting of workbook, diving table and user brevet. Why a Nitrox training of ProNRC. There are many reasons to be able to rely entirely on ProNRC for nitrox training.

Our Nitrox training material. Gone are the days when a. Class Comprehension: SDI Nitrox Diving Manual was required reading before taking the class. Everyone knew what was coming before entering the class room.

Side Note: I read the NAUI Manual before taking the NAUI class. No additional information was passed to the students through the class. Everything was explained in the book. Nitrox Nitrox diving calculations made easy. The air we breathe is Nit which basically means it has 21% oxygen and 79% nitrogen.

When we dive the pressure increases by 1 bar every 10 meters so the partial pressure of the oxygen (PO2) and the partial pressure of nitrogen (PN) increases.

PO2 PN. Surface pressure and. Skiff Diving - The Quick & Easy Way to Dive. Many people diving in the Pacific for the first time seem apprehensive about skiff diving. By the end of the charter, those same people realize that well-orchestrated skiff diving is the only civilized way to dive.General Nitrox Information.

Nitrox refers to any gas mixture composed of nitrogen and oxygen (excluding trace gases); this includes normal air ("AIR") which is approximately 78% nitrogen and 21% oxygen, with around 1% inert gases, primarily argon. However, in Scuba diving, Nitrox is normally differentiated and handled differently from air.

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